About Us

Welcome to Bike Paths for Byron! Bike Paths for Byron is a project by the Biker Bears. We are a group of bikers looking to bring more biking to Byron by constructing trails and holding organized bike rides. Explore the site or contact us for more information! 

UPCOMING EVENTS. Register for the Tour De Byron during the 2016 Byron Good Neighbor Days.

OUR GOAL. If you wander around our community on any given day, you will see people taking advantage of the resources we have for exercise and adventures. However, we have a few essential missing elements. Our goal is to put a bike path on 20th street by Byron High School, which would connect a full loop of bike paths around Byron, making it easier for people to exercise. This path would also allow students to ride their bikes to school or practice, as the road leads to Byron High School and our community soccer fields are on this road. Currently, this road is all gravel, which makes it nearly impossible to ride bike on. There is no infrastructure on this road that would make it easier for students to ride bike or even walk. When driving by there one day, we witnessed a group of walkers pushing a stroller while shielding their infants’ eyes from the dust. It just makes sense to put a bike path on this road, and we’d love to help our community if we can. We’d also like to establish a memorial for Byron student Noah Graddy on this road, who passed away earlier this year from drug-related complications.

OUR HISTORY. Believe it or not, our project started with just an 11-year old boy. Isaiah Crossfield had two passions: biking and helping people. After the disaster in Haiti in 2010, he sent more than 1,000 bikes over. In 2012, after a friend from school was struck by lightning while fishing, he rode 110 miles to raise money for his cause. He has also ridden his bike to raise money for Food for Kidz and donated bikes to send to Afghanistan with the US Air Force. In 2014, he recently rode his bike in RAGBRAI, a 468-mile bicycle race across Iowa, to raise money for his recent project, Bike Paths for Byron.

In July of 2014, Bike Paths for Byron and the Biker Bears organized their first Bear Trail Ride, a charity bike ride from Byron, MN to Pine Island, MN. The goal of our ride was to raise money and awareness of our cause. We were on the front pages of both the Byron Review and Post Bulletin, with people calling and emailing to make money and bike donations to our cause. We had participants from all over southeastern Minnesota and raised over $500. This is just the beginning of what we have planned for the Byron biking community!

In 2015, the Byron City Council voted to give us an engineering plan with the city. Since then, we have been partnering with community members and businesses to bring our dream of a bike path on 20th Street to life.

BECOME A SPONSOR. We cannot do any of this without the support of the Byron community. We recently met with the Byron city administrator and city engineer, who are very excited to help us with this project. After approved by the city council, the city will provide us with an engineering plan for the path, which will allow us to get the details on how this bike path will be built. The city engineer has estimated that this project will cost anywhere between $200,000-$300,000 for the entire construction.

Sponsors will earn recognition on a mile marker or memorial rock/bench on the trail itself.

We would appreciate any contribution you or your business would make to this project, as it would benefit our entire community and economy, and the development of Byron.


  1. Hello- I wanted to be sure I sent you this grant opportunity that could help support your efforts in getting the new bike path in Byron. I had met you at the Bike Rodeo event that my coworker JoAnne assisted you with earlier this spring. If you need any assistance in writing this I would be more than happy to meet with you. It looks like community development is a focus and I immediately thought of your work.


    Shay Baumbach
    Olmsted County Public Health Services


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